Saturday, September 27, 2008

New logo & apologies

As you will see I finally have a real logo. I had a graphic artist friend of mine design it and I LOVE it. I can not wait to make new business cards and everything else. I feel like such a buisness owner.
Now for the apologies- I will need to slap this bad boy logo on all my blog work due to theft.. yes even my clients have gotten a case of the "it looks good enough when printed" when stealing a portrait from my blog.
A note to all of you wonderful clients who did not abuse me... I thank you with every fiber of my being- I have truly been blessed to work with some wonderful people.
Now back to the posting of pictures, which is what your here for.
take care, jill

Double the fun

What is more fun than doing a senior photo shoot?? doing best friends at the same time :) it was challenging for me and took alot of patience on their part but we pulled it off and it was a great day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

CEHS Marching Band

I was honored once again this to take the pictures for the CEHS Marching Band. It was alot of work, but all worth it.

This beautiful drummer is mine :)