Friday, August 13, 2010

Andrews twins

Angels!! This was an awesome session. The girls tinkled & pooped on mom & dad.. it was good for a laugh. We kept putting them back to sleep for posing and they did really well. I am super happy with these images. No words needed, just look at the beauty of these two little ladies :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Klei family

After having to cancel this session twice, we finally go to it.. and then the bugs were out. This was a fast and furious shoot due to the whole family was getting attacked. I am still really happy with the images and hope that they will be also. Momma wanted at least one with the dog "wyatt" with his ears up and we got it :) You might recognize the little girl she is in a couple of previous blogs. Thanks Amanda for asking me to do this for your family, I was honored.


It's senior 2011 season so this was a great way to kick it off. Jordan is a country kid at heart and desperately wanted to keep his hat on the whole time. So it took some convincing but we took the "no hat" shots first so once the hat went on we didn't care. This session was so easy!! Jordan can smile on command and has the best sense of humor.. thanks Jordan I hope you enjoyed it :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Graham girls at 3mo

I can honestly say this session was challenging. The girls are so sweet, but at 3 months old they are still fairly tiny and not so animated. It was funny at the newborn we wanted them to sleep but they wouldn't, yet at this 3mo session thats all they wanted to do :) If you were holding them talking to them you got the smiles, but the minute I or momma put them down, they wanted no part of it. It really was like they knew what I was doing. I'm already working on new ideas for the 6month session, gotta make it super precious!