Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joe= 3yrs

Oh my... little Joe is now 3... yikes how can that be? It seems like just last year I was doing his newborn pics. But now he has a baby brother that is turning 1 so I guess we just have to let Joe grow up :) He is now a handful, running, talking and just being a "boy"..

My favorite.. it just screams I am 3 world and here I come.

Roth family

Sweetness!!!! yes this family is freakin adorable. I had been told the girls are a little shy.. NOPE not for me.. they did everything I asked, even asked if they could sit or stand a certain way and were more than happy to tell me " I think I'm done now" :) which I find so honest its cute. Thank you Roths' for entrusting me to capture this beautiful time in your lives.

Lily = 8 mo old

Oh my precious Lily- you are now 8 months old on the move and ever so adorable. You captivate everyone around you with that outstanding red hair and big blue eyes. I just love you.. enough said!

Solomon- newborn

Oh how he melted my heart!! Sweet Solomon is the longest baby I have ever met.. and I am proud to say he is my newest nephew :) We had a great session, it was a hot day and this sweet little man would not sleep or hold still unless he was wrapped up in a blanket or one of my cocoons. I just love being able to do these sessions, something I really wish I would have "splurged" on for my girls- you will never get back this precious time.. such LOVE.