Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As our weather here has been nothing but rain for weeks on end it of course rained on Abigail's pictures also. So in between the rain drops we would rush outside with another outfit and do as much as possible before we got forced onto the front porch again. She was such a cute and bubbly young lady, we got along just splendidly for not knowing each other previously.


What a fantastic smile! I think Nathan could hold his smile for days is needed and it would always look natural. This young man was an absolute blast to work with, so easy going it made my job look easy. We are still waiting to get his outdoor stuff scheduled so if it ever stops raining we will have another day of fun.


Sweet sweet Chelsea.. She was a little nervous about doing this, but after we started her personality came out and she had a blast. We had tons of laughs and even freaked ourselves out on some railroad tracks.. good time!

Guest book

Check out how cool this is... I take your engagement photo's and make them into a guest book for your wedding. It is the neatest idea and was a huge success at Brittany's wedding. I would encourage all brides & grooms to consider this wonderful keepsake that will NOT be put in the back of the closet in years to come :)

Strahl/Percival Wedding

The morning of this wedding I was cursing at the rain gods for letting it pour on my assistant Brittany's big day. But as luck would have it the rain stopped the clouds parted and sunshine was upon us :) It was a wonderful wedding, Brittany had left no detail unchecked. Jeremiah was stunning in his tux and touched my heart when during the "aahaa moment" he had tears.. this man is SOoooo in love is adorable.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Trevor 8mo old

My how he has grown in 4 months. Such a loveable little man we shared lots of hugs and he was adorable... no word needed just look at the cutie.