Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011

Beautiful children! Big sister and brother were so well behaved and patient with the smallest family member I was impressed. Small man was so cute but the was like the energizer bunny, NEVER stopped moving. I would get two quick shots then he take a lap around my basement :) It was fun and challenging, but in the end run I ended up with some great images.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Georges family

I LOVE this family! They have trusted me over and over again with their children & fmaily portraits. The "children" are now grown-ups.. where did the time go? Thank you Georges for making me laugh EVERY time we get together.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Have you ever meet a small person of the world that just doesn't stop? Miss Sophia is exactly one of those precious people. Full of energy, questions and ideas I loved it. We had fun doing a couple of quick pics when mom was out of the room as a surprise.

Jennett family

This was an awesome session done in their home that like most of us was long overdue. They showed me their last family picture and the daughter was around 8 (I think). This is another great example of what we can do in your personal home at any time.

Trevor 4mo

Trevor came back for his 4 month session and we had a blast. Not only is he an adorable chubby boy, he is so happy. All you had to do was talk to him and he would just laugh, it was contagious. See you at 8 months little buddy.

Borgman family

Connie's daughter in-law purchased this family at home session for her as a gift. Can you think of a better gift? They managed to gather the family and we used their home and it was wonderful. So have you ever thought that there is no way you can pull this off? Well yes you can, just call me and I will help you arrange it.

The whole family.

Grandma & Grandpa with the grandchildren.

York family

After cancelling the first session due to lack of light, we nailed this one. It was really cold but the light was beautiful for this family. I have worked with Tina on the weekends doing little leagues so when she mentioned she needed family pics I was all over it. The children behaved, the husband didn't complain and momma is happy with the images... job well done. It truely is an honor to photograph my friends families.

Lily- my sweet beautiful niece

Isn't she beautiful! Ok all my newborns are precious but this one belongs to my wonderful sister Laura and her husband Tony. It's been many moons since we have had a baby in our family so little Lily is poured with love continually.. isn't she lucky :) My family jokes that when auntie Jill is in town nobody gets to hold her because I am the "baby hog" yep I probably am and I LOVE it. We had such a good session, she wasn't as sleepy as I would like but who cares, I just love the images

Behind in posting

I am EXTREMELY behind in my posting, not really sure what happened or why. But now I am back on the "posting wagon" enjoy the upcoming posts of my late fall 2010 and beginning of 2011 photo sessions.