Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colwell/Bentley wedding

It was a HOT one this day..but it never ceases to amaze me how my brides don't sweat. The groom will get steamy, I will be SOAKED but the bride is flawless... its an amazing thing. Lori & Greg were fantastic, we would shoot outside for a few, go inside cool off and then back out quickly never a complaint. The wedding party was the same way, really super nice people to work with. My favorite memory of the day is when doing the B&G pictures, Greg could not keep his eyes off her... it was so loving. Thank you Lori & Greg, I know you researched long and hard before choosing me and I am truely honored and hope you will treasure these wonderful images for many years to come :)

Trevor 1 year old

Once your child has begun to walk the whole dynamics of a photo session can change. It is up to me to keep up and still capture some great emotions. I will admit it is challenging on every level. Trevor proved to be a great oponent for the camera, running away at every second and not really giving a hoot on why I was at around :) Between mom & dad helping we managed to capture this sweet young man.. see you at 18mo little Trev.

Emily CEHS Class of 2012

What a sweet young lady Miss Emily is. It was a really sticky evening and we were all sweaty but Emily kept her cool and worked with me like a trooper. I had the pleasure of doing her brother senior pics 3 or 4 years ago so it was an honor to be asked back by this family. Emily trap shoots so I just love the picture with her gun. Being able to incorporate someone's hobby or interest in a photo really makes a neat memory for the years to come.

Chelsea & Quentin

This young couple having been dating for a while and just wanted some great pictures together. I LOVE that idea! Who says you can't just have a photo session for the fun of it. We had a million laughs, moved to several locations and enjoyed our time together. Thank you both for picking me out of all the photographers you researched. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Erin CNHS class of 2012

I love referrals, this young lady came to me from a good friend. She wanted to be beautiful but not overly glamed up, I do believe that we succeeded. We had a great time working together, she is a lovely young lady that I really enjoyed getting to know.


Oh sweet baby Makenzie, what a precious little one. Makenzie's mom loves all things "girly" so this was a blast. We changed her positions and outfits several times and she really didn't mind. I managed to get tinkled & pooped on so it was a successful session :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joe= 3yrs

Oh my... little Joe is now 3... yikes how can that be? It seems like just last year I was doing his newborn pics. But now he has a baby brother that is turning 1 so I guess we just have to let Joe grow up :) He is now a handful, running, talking and just being a "boy"..

My favorite.. it just screams I am 3 world and here I come.

Roth family

Sweetness!!!! yes this family is freakin adorable. I had been told the girls are a little shy.. NOPE not for me.. they did everything I asked, even asked if they could sit or stand a certain way and were more than happy to tell me " I think I'm done now" :) which I find so honest its cute. Thank you Roths' for entrusting me to capture this beautiful time in your lives.

Lily = 8 mo old

Oh my precious Lily- you are now 8 months old on the move and ever so adorable. You captivate everyone around you with that outstanding red hair and big blue eyes. I just love you.. enough said!

Solomon- newborn

Oh how he melted my heart!! Sweet Solomon is the longest baby I have ever met.. and I am proud to say he is my newest nephew :) We had a great session, it was a hot day and this sweet little man would not sleep or hold still unless he was wrapped up in a blanket or one of my cocoons. I just love being able to do these sessions, something I really wish I would have "splurged" on for my girls- you will never get back this precious time.. such LOVE.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nathan #2

I just HAD to post a couple of Nathan's outdoor session. We struggled on finding the perfect location for the drums and then... ta da... we found it and it freakin rocked! I am so happy with these images and Nathan was too... yeah!


Oh such a little bundle of sweetness. Mason is approx 2 weeks old and so tiny due to being a premie. I a generally not afraid to handle the small ones, but he took me a few minutes to adjust. I have NEVER held one so small and so precious.

Treeter maternity

What a lovely couple! Bryan and I done seasonal photography together for many years, so I was overjoyed when he asked me to photograph this beautiful time in their lives. Nichole is a stunning "momma to be", this seasion was pure heaven for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As our weather here has been nothing but rain for weeks on end it of course rained on Abigail's pictures also. So in between the rain drops we would rush outside with another outfit and do as much as possible before we got forced onto the front porch again. She was such a cute and bubbly young lady, we got along just splendidly for not knowing each other previously.


What a fantastic smile! I think Nathan could hold his smile for days is needed and it would always look natural. This young man was an absolute blast to work with, so easy going it made my job look easy. We are still waiting to get his outdoor stuff scheduled so if it ever stops raining we will have another day of fun.