Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lifes Treasures

The post preceding this is of Inez Huntington a beautiful mother & grandma. Inez asked for the family picture to be taken because her health had been declining. Unfortunately Inez never got to see these pictures she passed away on Tuesday before the proofs were delivered. My deepest sympathy goes to this family.

Probably the greatest joy of being a photographer for me is providing families with lifetime memories. This family now has these wonderful pictures of Inez and the memory of them all getting together for this moment. Do you always think about having a family picture taken? Never get around to it because organizing everyone in one place is a pain, no matter what day or time your choose someone complains. Let me say to you.. You will NEVER regret having a family picture taken.

I have had this experience personally with the passing of my father and sister. Many years ago I was at my parents home doing my brothers senior pictures. My parents came home from church and I said "sit here real quick and lets take a picture" a few weeks later my father had a massive heart attack and died. We have the most wonderful portrait of them together- brings tears to my eyes to this day. My sister was ill and we made an effort to get a picture with all the siblings (8 of us) with my mom. Now that Franny has passed it is the last family picture of all the kids together and it will always be hanging in my house- priceless!!

We never know who will be with us at "the next party" so stop procrastinating and get it done. Wether you have it done professionally or just with a point and shoot. DO IT!

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