Friday, May 28, 2010

Graham Twins

Oh how I love the babies! These beautiful little girls (3 weeks old) should have been sleeping. Momma did everything right, they had baths, were fed and it was nap time. That was until I arrived. The minute I started posing them they were awake ( for almost 2 hours) and not really very happy with me:) so to show me just how in "control" they are.. I got tinkled and pooped on.
Generally we can pose newborns while they sleep and it never bothers them. Since these girls were not about to give up control to me, I'm pretty sure mom & dad are going to have their hands full in the upcoming years.

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laura said...

You are one busy photographer! I love catching up on your work. Looking good! Can't wait to have you take pics of baby Brandenburg when he/she comes into the world!