Friday, September 3, 2010

Just do it!!

I did it!! what you might ask? I finally signed up to be a vendor at a bridal show... yikes Actually I was so thrilled with myself for doing it I had to text my assistant Brittany right away and tell her she now had to help me plan :) I think she was as excited as me... love that girls enthusiasm

I have always wanted to participate but just never pulled the trigger or had enough guts to put my stuff against "the others" So why did I do decide to do it.. I just figured that if I want to grow my company in a way that I enjoy and I DO enjoy weddings then lets spread the word to the good people of southern Indiana that Jill Linn Photography is the company to hire. The show is not unitl Jan 2011 so I now must not procrastinate and get plenty of samples and brochures handy. There is so many things to design, shoot and order my head just spins. So my friends say a prayer for me that my work will inspire many brides and my personality will "seal the deal".

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laura said...

AWESOME! I am so proud of you. This is going to be a great marketing tool for you and with your personality, experience, and portfolio you are sure to succeed. You are on your way already.