Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Katie & Josh

Do you know the best feeling in the photo world? It's when you get repeat business from a family because they #1 love your work, but also enjoy you and how you get the job done. That is how I met Katie, she is Aleesa's cousin from a previous wedding. Katie did her homework, checked out some photographers and then landed back to me... I am thrilled to be the one they chose.. Thanks Katie & Josh.

We had a gorgeous day for this engagement session, the sun was a little too bright for my liking but we can't have everything :) Katie, Josh & I hiked it down to the dried up falls for some really neat photo's, then we went to the Newbern bridge. This bridge is special to all who live around Newbern, because it is so old and is now going to be "moved" and a new one built. Katie & Josh call it the "kissing bridge" which is super cute.. they smooch everytime they go over it:) I had a great time working with these two and really look forward to the wedding next June.

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